Friday, 24 May 2013

Spring Picnic Cancellation

Ratty and Moley having their Picnic in ‘The Wind in the Willows’ (Illustration by Arthur Rackham)

Dear CCC  Members

I am genuinely averse to cancellations of events but in view of this miserable unseasonal weather I really cannot see the point in ‘soldiering on’ tomorrow in the best English spirit and having a picnic.

It is not Royal Ascot or Henley after all. Even Mr. Toad does not like driving his classic in the rain.

May and September are my favourite months in Poland and usually wonderful – sunny, wildflowers in the meadows, trees in vibrant green with just a hint of coolness. Of course last week was the week of choice. Sods Law.

I am writing now to give those who booked a chance to arrange an alternative weekend’s entertainment.

It is cold, miserable and wet and the ground at the open air museum is soggy and muddy so the custodian tells me. No fun at all. Even if sunny tomorrow the area will remain sodden. Not for picnic rugs.

In view of this I will postpone the picnic until sometime in June to be arranged when hopefully the weather will be more predictable and drier.

In the meantime I am in the process of arranging another dinner at the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw with a speaker to entertain and inform us on some interesting aspect of classic cars and motoring in Poland and elsewhere.

Details to come

The car is a pre-war Lagonda


Monday, 20 May 2013

Excursion and Picnic to Sucha Open Air Museum

The CCC has planned a picnic and excursion from Warsaw to the Sucha Open Air Museum about 70 kms east of the capital on Saturday May 25th.

The village of Sucha is the site of the Museum of Wooden Architecture of the Siedlce Region. Each building, saved from imminent destruction, was moved to its present location. The baroque single-storey manor, with an annex on each side is covered by a raised roof lined with shingles. 

In 1787, King Stanislaw August Poniatowski was a guest at the manor. In 1814, August Cieszkowski, philosopher and economist, was born here.

Sucha village lies on the banks of the Kostrzyn river, next to an extensive group of lakes, close to a beautiful forest with a unique larch alley.

Many classic Polish films have had scenes shot here.

We hope to take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather! 

If your classic is 'out of commission', off the road or otherwise in a decrepit state you are quite welcome to come in a modern armed with CCC enthusiasm for a 'natter and noggin' about the challenge of running and maintaining classic cars in Poland.

If you have a classic car and would like to join us on this excursion or simply join the CCC (being a 'casual' car club of course there is no subscription) contact the present Chairman    Michael Moran