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CCC Christmas Dinner/Meeting 18 December 2015, Pod Gigantami, Warsaw

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Krakowskie Przedmieście, Warsaw, Christmas 2015

A rather happy bunch of CCC Members at Christmas Dinner

The Dear Chairman in festive mode contemplating his alcoholic alternatives

A very pleasant occasion for those CCC Members assembled. There was no speaker scheduled for this dinner as we had quite a few items to discuss on the Agenda. I do feel however that a speaker is a necessary fitment to CCC dinners to direct attention away from the slight intensity of our  selves and preoccupations  in convivial mode.

Discussion Agenda

CCC Christmas Dinner Meeting 18 December 2015

v  Nature of membership of the CCC and active participation in club activities. Discuss the ongoing problem of attracting a more  active  commitment and email  response to ideas from members yet retaining the ‘Casual’ nature of the  club?  Does this matter? I think so.
v  Future activities – possibility of engaging and incorporating different styles and  approaches
v    Initiatives presented by Blazej Zuławski
1.        Excursion to Infinitum
2.       Dinner invitation by Jacques Marbot from LVMH Poland (Belvedere Vodka, Veuve Clicquot, Moet, Hennessy, Louis Vuitton) would like to form some sort of partnership with the CCC when it comes to future club dinners. Thoughts despite absence of our downhill slalom champion skiing in Switzerland was it courtesy of Porsche.
v  My own efforts are ongoing with CCC Member Dariusz Brudkiewicz in Opole to set up a Polish Section of the R-REC (the UK Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club – the finest in the world). This has great international rally potential and could involve us. An excursion and tour of the Goodwood R-R factory is on the cards for 2017. Also attendance at the incredible R-REC Annual Rally that attracts 1,500 RR and Bentley. A rare opportunity. Not necessary to own an RR or Bentley.
v  Possible Malt whiskey tasting event with Peter Pulawski at Dobrewina.pl though the good offices of CCC member Guy Pinsent. Possible interest?
v  Paul Blackman has been chatting to the Editor of Octane Magazine in London who may like an article on the CCC for the Magazine. http://subscribe.octane-magazine.com/
v  My own mission to suggest summer picnic/lunch excursions to country houses, castles, museums, skansens and so on that would increase expat knowledge of Polish history and culture as well as drive our classics to beautiful locations near Warsaw for convivial occasions
v   Frequency of these Winter and Summer Dinner Meetings
v  Neil Crook’s suggestion of stands and staff provision at car exhibitions events – Autonostalgia, Warsaw Motoclassic, Wroclaw Motoclassic. Also his unique ‘spanking agenda’ on purely driving excursions between McCafés.
v  Bearing in mind all of the above I think the time has come for a redefinition of the role of the Chairman of the club. Some delegation of authority is clearly required for these various activities now materialising on the horizon. Otherwise they will simply not happen. I do feel the success of these ideas and their implementation is intimately connected with an increased level of response from the email post list. Communications are rather whimsical at present with resulting disappointment by organisers.
v  I have been giving various issues some thought over recent weeks. I am quite prepared to remain as ‘nominal Chairman’ of the club and maintain the CCC online journal  (I may have more time for writing posts than the many oligarchs who make up our interplanetary travelling membership!). However I no longer wish to or consider I should remain solely responsible for suggestions and outcomes of club activities. Recently this has begun to change which is excellent news. We have a collection of very interesting personalities in the CCC membership that should be given a voice. Discussion?
             Perhaps we could discuss how we might manage a workable voluntary delegation of tasks and roles yet avoid creating an inflexible and unwieldy structure that moves away from the valuable idea of a ‘Casual Car Club’which remains attractive in so many respects. Deputy Chairman…Exhibitions Secretary….Dinner Meetings Secretary….Membership Secretary….Events Manager….that sort of thing just off the top of my head. No huge investment of time would be involved. All appointments need not take place at this dinner but I float the idea – perhaps we could appoint some however.
v   AOB

Mathieu Spencer's imaginative graphic depiction of the outcome of our discussions

CCC Members present at this dinner:

Neil Crook
Jonathan Bowring
Iain Batty
Mathieu Spencer
Ian Booth
Mirek Staniszewski
Eugene Houx
Michael Wrobel
Przemek Vonau
Michael Moran
Paul Ayre

The 'Christmassy Entrance' to Pod Gigantami