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CCC Christmas Dinner, Hotel Bristol Warsaw, 15 December 2016

The Arrinera  painted in Spitfire photo reconnaissance aircraft colours with the
Polish Air Force chequerboard applied 

Some 20 Members of the CCC and a well-behaved infant assembled for Christmas dinner at the Hotel Bristol in Warsaw after an admittedly lackluster year concerning club activities. Three members of the Polish Section of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club (also CCC members) were present as a variety of Christmas 'joint effort' - the Chairman of the Polish Section, Dariusz Brudkiewicz, the Secretary, Michael Moran and Paul Blackman an RREC  Polish Section member. 

I would wish to immediately place on record a complaining note that the lamentable CCC club Chairman is clearly a whimsical individual with little collective responsibility to the membership. Let us hope he does better in 2017 now that he has bought a respectable GT to take part in club excursions.

There was a great deal of banter 'a la Biggles, Bertie, Ginger and Algy' over an excellent dinner (considering the low cost in the Moniuszko Salon with dedicated staff) until the main excitement of the evening - a lecture by the distinguished development manager, Piotr Frankowski, concerning the first Polish supercar, the Arrinera Hussarya GT.


Piotr Frankowski in full lecture mode confiding details of testing at Goodwood and
Brooklands, Weybridge in Surrey.

Of course the greatest proportion of world technical motor-racing expertise resides in the UK. The evolution of the Arrinera has benefited greatly from many specialisms and authorities on aspects of motor racing too numerous to mention.
The cockpit of the Arrinera

The Arrinera Hussarya GTs  being tested at Silverstone

Two Arrinera Hussarya GTs in front of the Brooklands Clubhouse

Arrineras Hussarya GTs  parked on the historic remains of the 
Members' Banking at Brooklands
Frankowski in secondary lecture mode on valiant and distinguished Polish technologists, inventors, pilots and aristocratic racing drivers of the past
From Lt. to Rt. Frankowski, Dariusz Brudkiwicz, 
Chairman of the RREC Polish Section and Erik Hallgren (Maserati driver)
A fine Mercedes Benz Type 300 Adenauer brought by two CCC members.

As a security feature by those clever Benz technologists, if one locks the door from inside the 'revolutionaries' and 'terrorists' attempting to drag the corrupt great leader lounging within to an untimely death are defeated by externally locked doors. However our brave chums were unaware of this counter-revolutionary feature and locked themselves out of the car. Fortunately a passing car hijacker gave them the benefit of his experience and  helpfully provided a nifty piece of wire which facilitated entry and off they sped into deepest conspiracy-wracked Warsaw
The Chairman's trusty 1975 RR Silver Shadow in front of the Presidential Palace, almost adjacent to the Bristol Hotel.

He was not asked to 'proceed' in case the car spontaneously exploded as might be expected to happen there in a predictably rebellious 2017...armed guards were 
probably too cold to move him on. 

Well it was quite a fun evening just before Christmas 

                                                                                                     Michael Moran (Chairman)

CCC Club members present:

Michael Moran
Erik Hallgren
Błażej Żuławski
Paul Blackman
Piotr Frankowski
Neil Crook
Ian Booth
Guy Pinsent
Mathieu Spencer
Paul Ayre
Mirek Staniszewski
Michal Wrobel
Bill Flint
Michał Prząda
Janusz Zawada

Dariusz Brudkiewicz
Arthur Gabor 

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